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Casas Modernas

Modular Houses by NorgesHus – General Specifications

At NorgesHus Modular Houses, we pride ourselves on offering modular homes that are the epitome of innovation, quality, and sustainable living. Here are some of the key specifications that set our modular houses apart.

NorgesHus modular houses come with a superior energy rating, ensuring that your home is not only comfortable but also energy-efficient. We use state-of-the-art insulation materials and advanced design methods to achieve an optimized energy performance, substantially reducing your utility costs and carbon footprint.

Safety is our utmost priority. NorgesHus modular houses meet and exceed all structural regulations and standards. The use of high-quality materials and engineering expertise guarantees a structurally sound home that can withstand various environmental conditions.

NorgesHus walls are constructed using quality materials that offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Whether it’s solid wood, steel frame, or a combination of various materials, we ensure that our walls meet the highest standards for durability and performance.

NorgesHus innovative roof panels are designed for longevity and efficiency. Made of top-tier materials such as laminated wood or metal composites, these roof panels offer excellent insulation and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Depending on your preference and needs, we offer structures in both solid and laminated wood. Our wood structures are treated for long-lasting durability, providing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

NorgesHus windows and window doors are designed to complement the energy-efficient nature of our modular houses. Utilizing triple glazing and high-quality seals, we ensure excellent thermal insulation and natural light intake, enhancing your living experience.

We stand by the quality of NorgesHus modular homes with a comprehensive warranty. Our guarantee covers structural integrity, energy performance, and material quality, offering you peace of mind as you make one of life’s most significant investments.

Technical Data / Floor Plan:
NorgesHus modular homes come with detailed technical data and floor plans to help you visualize and understand the layout and technicalities of your future home.

Preparations and Drawings:
We offer pre-construction preparations and drawings to ensure you’re completely satisfied and aware of what your modular homes will encompass.